My Instant Pot Doesn’t Have a Manual Button

You’ve bought your instant pot. You’re excited and can’t wait to try out the recipes you’ve been saving. On the first trial, you realize that the instant pot doesn’t have a manual button.

What should you do? Did you make a mistake? What should you use for recipes that use the manual button?

If this is you, don’t panic? Read on.

Yes, you can still use your instant pot even without the manual button. The absence of a manual button is a design adjustment by the Instant Pot company.

In this article, we’ll discuss the manual button and what you should do if your instant pot doesn’t have a manual button.

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What is the Manual Button in an Instant Pot?

Before explaining how to use your instant pot without the manual button, let’s find out what it is. Why is the manual button important?

The manual button in an instant pot is the basic pressure-cooking function. It allows you to set the cooking time. This button is the go-to for most recipes that require high-pressure cooking.

After selecting the manual button, use the [+]and [–] to adjust the cooking time. The set time commences when the pressure cooker has reached its working pressure.

The manual button in an instant pot gives users the flexibility to customize the settings of the pot to suit their needs.

This also allows one to prepare a variety of meals using different recipes. It gives room to experiment and play around with food quantities.

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What Do I Use If My Instant Pot Doesn’t Have a Manual Button?

The alternative to the manual button on an instant pot is the Pressure cook button. The pressure cook button performs similarly to the manual button.

The pressure cook button is present in newer models of the instant pot. The absence of the manual button should not be a cause for alarm.

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Does The Instant Pot Duo Have a Manual Button?

No, the instant pot duo does not have a manual button. Instead, it features the pressure cook button at the bottom.  

The instant pot duo comes in three different sizes 3, 6, and 8 quarts. It has 7-in-1 functionality with one-touch cooking.

Cooking options that come with this instant pot include slow cook, rice, pressure cook, steamer, yogurt maker, food warmer, and sauté.

The electric pressure cooker allows preparing of meals 70% faster than the traditional methods. Upon cooking, cleaning is also simple.

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The appliance is made fingerprint resistant. It also has dishwasher-safe parts such as the lid and inner pot.

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Which Instant Pots Have the Manual Button?

The only instant pot in stock with the manual button is the Instant Pot Lux. It shares features with the instant pot duo.

The instant pot lux comes in 3 different sizes with the 6 quarts being the most popular.  The electric pressure cooker is easy to clean and cooks faster to save time.

It features 12 smart programs increasing the cooking options. The pot is perfect for individuals, small and large families.

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A majority of the instant pot models lack the manual button. However, this does not mean that the appliance can’t be used.

The manual button in an instant pot gives users the freedom to choose cooking times and pressure. It is a feature that is recommended in most recipes.

If your instant pot lacks the manual button, don’t worry. Check for the pressure cook button as it functions the same way.

Instant pots with the pressure cook button are the latest versions of the brand. The only instant pot with the manual button at the moment is the Instant Pot Lux.

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