Why Is My Coffee Maker So Loud?

Like many kitchen appliances, the coffee maker has several parts which come together to provide your delicious cup of coffee.

It’s normal to have noise from the coffee maker machine. The noise originates from the water pump and the heating element.

If the noise is higher than usual, it indicates that the machine has build-up and needs to be descaled.

Brewing coffee using a coffee maker

How to Reduce Noise from a Coffee Maker

When the noise from the coffee maker is getting out of hand, there is a good chance you can reduce some of the noise.

To reduce noise from a coffee maker, change the location of operation, descale it, or replace it with a quieter model.

Consider the Environment

If you have a loud coffee maker, try to put it in the most isolated room of your house.

This will make sure that people still enjoy their morning java without being distracted by the sound.

Close doors or windows when brewing and wait for the machine to finish its cycle.

Again, this sounds silly, but closing off exterior noise sources can reduce the noise coming from your kitchen.

Descale the Coffee Maker

Descaling is the process of removing any buildup of elements in the coffee maker.

The elements find their way to the machine through hard water and slow down the heating process.

The elements may include magnesium and calcium.

Learn how to descale your machine using the detailed guide from thekitchn.com

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