Why Is My Black Decker Rice Cooker Not Working?

Black and Decker is an industry leader that offers products for all areas of your home. Their rice cookers offer quality, performance, and durability.

However, you may encounter problems when the appliance fails to work.

Your Black and Decker rice cooker may not be working due to failure of the electrical system, damage to the rice cooker parts, or wrong use.

There are ways to determine the specific issue with your appliance. Examine the rice cooker to check for any physical damages that may stand out.

If the rice cooker looks okay, we’ll discuss the most common problems and troubleshooting options to get your rice cooker working.  

A word of caution, don’t interfere with the construction of the appliance if you seek to utilize your warranty.

Consult the Black and Decker customer service for issues that may require the replacement of the rice cooker.

Common Black and Decker Rice Cooker Problems

There are 3 main problems that Black and Decker rice cookers have. They include:

1. The light Indicator Does Not Turn On

Black and Decker rice cookers have two main light indicators. They appear on the cook and warm functions.

The warm light indicator comes on immediately after you plug in the rice cooker while the cook lights up once the cooking process begins.

The light indicators may fail to turn on if the fuse connected to them blows. There might also be an issue with the light bulbs if the cooker still works.

In case the rice cooker isn’t heating up, power is not flowing through the appliance, and the internal circuit is broken.

To fix this problem, replace the light bulbs, fuse, and fix the circuit problem. The issues can easily be handled by a service agent or Black and Decker if the warranty is valid.

black and decker rice cooker

2. Rice Cooker Fails to Turn on

The rice cooker will fail to turn on when there is no power. First, ensure that the power outlet is in good condition and has power.

If this is okay, the problem can only happen when there’s an issue with the power cord and/or the internal circuit.

A power cord works to connect the kitchen appliance to the electricity supply through an extension or socket.

When a power cord is damaged, wires might be damaged. There are several ways to replace the power cord depending on the type and extent of the damage.

It is important to fix this and prevent any fire or other hazards in the house.

Here’s a video to demonstrate how to fix this.

The internal circuit consists of wires, switches, thermostats, and other controls of the rice cooker. Internal connections might be complex to identify the specific issue.

It would be best to use a service agent or electrical professional to identify and fix the specific issue with the appliance.  

3. Damaged Rice Cooker Button or Spring

The rice cooker button switches the appliance from keep warm to cook function. You enforce this b pressing the button down.

The only solution to a broken or damaged button is to replace it. Again, this should be done by a professional who knows their way around Black and Decker rice cookers.

Another part of the rice cooker that breaks or losses elasticity is the spring. The spring locks the hotplate of the appliance. It should also be replaced to restore proper function to the rice cooker.

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Black and Decker is a renowned company that manufactures several appliances conducive to a home.

The rice cookers from Black and Decker are popular and provide a convenient way to prepare food without a hassle.

These rice cookers provide value and face limited challenges when compared to other brands. There are 3 major issues.

The issues you’re likely to face include the rice cooker failing to power on, damage of parts, and problems with the light indicators.

All the Black and Decker rice cooker problems have solutions. You can fix some and consult the company or a professional for more complex issues.


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