How Long Do Instant Pot Pressure Cookers Last?

The Instant Pot brand has become a household name since its products entered the market in 2010. Moreover, there are a variety of pressure cookers to meet the needs of consumers globally.

Instant pot pressure cookers should last for at least five years with weekly use of 2 to 3 times and proper care and maintenance. This is not to say that it’ll be smooth sailing. You may have to replace some parts but overall, it should work fine.   

The company does not state how long the appliances last. They only guarantee that it’ll be good for 100,000 used and offer a one-year warranty.

To get a general idea of the durability of instant pot pressure cookers, I conducted a survey in my neighborhood and an online group.

Out of 15 responses,

  • 20% have used their instant pots for 3 years and below
  • 40% have used them for 4 to 5 years
  • 40% have used them for more than 5 years.
UserNo. of yearsFrequency of Use/weekComment
182 to 4No major issues. Original parts.
263No issues
322 to 3Excellent condition
443Good condition
542Seal changed
622 to 4N/A
763No issue
832 to 3Great condition
953Working okay
1062 to 4Still in good condition
1252 to 3Good. Recommended
1372 to 3Still okay with occasional use
1464Good. No major issue
1553Love it.

On average, this is about 4.8 years which translates to about five years. However, these pressure cookers can last longer.

Many of the respondents stated that it’s important to understand how your pressure cooker works and follow the guidelines set by the manufacturer.

Doing this will eliminate any incidents when you’re operating your kitchen appliance. The majority of those that have replaced a part were due to not following the instructions.

Are Instant Pots Worth It?

Yes, Instant Pot pressure cookers are worth every penny. The products are not only well-designed but also functional and offer convenience when cooking. You’re able to perform a variety of cooking functions fast.

With every new Instant Pot that is launched, you’ll get added functionality. For example, you’ll find the sous-vide function which was not present.

The variety of electric pressure cookers allows users to choose one that closely meets their needs depending on what they cook most.

Instant pots not only allow you to cook meals but also make yogurt, bake, slow cook, and even sterilize other kitchenware.

Another great feature that I appreciate with Instant Pot is the low- and high-pressure setting.

You’re able to choose your cooking pressure which directly affects the temperature and cooking time.

From the data above, it’s clear that the appliances are durable and offer value for money. These are just some of the advantages of these electric pressure cookers.

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Why Are Instant Pots So Popular?

Pressure cookers have gained massive popularity. However, Instant pot electric pressure cookers seem to stand out when compared to other brands. Here’s why;

  1. The instant pots are an all-in-one appliance as some come with slow cooking, rice cooking, and a variety of functions.
  2. You can prepare any meal, dessert, or snack.
  3. They speed up the cooking process and ease up time for busy individuals.
  4. The products are continuously evolving to meet user needs.
  5. They’re safe.
  6. Instant pots are easy to use, clean, and maintain.
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What Can I Do to Make My Instant Pot Last Longer?

Your instant pot can last for more than five years with proper care and maintenance. Here are a few things you can do to make it last longer.

1. Understand Your Model and Know How to Use It

Once you purchase your instant pot, examine the parts and read through the manual.

Also, make sure to know the different functions that your model offers and how best to make use of each.

Knowing your instant pot model will help you to establish how to clean, store and fully utilize it.  

2. Clean After Every Use

Ensure that you clean and remove all food particles after using the instant pot.

Manually clean the appliance with warm water, soap and clothing. You can also use a soft brush to remove stubborn food particles.

Use a dishwasher if any of your instant pot parts are dishwasher-safe. Always make sure the electric pressure cooker is unplugged when cleaning.

3. Avoid Frying with The Instant Pot

The working principle of an electric pressure cooker is simple. Add water to the food and let the appliance work its magic.

Using the instant pot as it was not intended will wear it down. It may also lead to the breaking down of parts.

4. Store in a Safe Space

After cleaning, store the instant pot in a safe location free from obstruction. The cooker should dry completely before putting it away.

A great hack when storing to prevent odors is to place the lid upside down as opposed to securing it. Placing the lid upside down airs the sealing rings.

5. Regular Inspection

 Inspect your instant pot regularly, preferably before every use. It will enable you to identify any defects fast minimizing further damage.

Can You Replace Parts of An Instant Pot?

Yes. You can replace defective parts of an instant pot without needing to replace the entire kitchen appliance.

Several stores stock instant pot accessories to enable you to replace and still use your appliance. This is one of the reasons why instant pots can last long.

Here’s a list of parts of an instant pot you can replace:

Inner Pot

The inner pot of the instant pot can get damaged when there’s burnt food, scouring from cleaning agents, and water stains.

It’s also a good precaution to have a secondary inner pot when you’re not able to clean it after cooking. The Instant Pot IP-POT-SS304-60 is a great stainless-steel option.

The Sealing Ring

Sealing rings are the most replaced parts when it comes to pressure cookers. The sealing ring is responsible for creating a seal between the base of the pressure cooker and the lid.

When the sealing ring is not fitted correctly or is damaged, the instant pot will not be able to build pressure and therefore no cooking.

It’s recommended to have more than one sealing ring to avoid interruptions. The sealing ring can not only get damaged but also fail to work if expanded, dirty, or wrongly placed.

You’re advised to use different sealing rings when cooking sweet and savory dishes to ensure they last longer.

Smaller parts of the instant pot you can also replace include:

  • The Steam Release Valve
  • Stram Release Handle
  • Power Cord
  • Float Valve Seal
  • Fuse
  • Condensation Collector
  • Steam Basket
Instant pot mini course


Instant pot pressure cookers can last for at least five years with proper use and care. It’s important to know how to effectively use your specific instant pot model to ensure durability.

These kitchen appliances are popular and worth the money. They allow you to cook a variety of food quickly without much stress.

The best maintenance practices when it comes to instant pots are proper to use, cleaning after every use, and adequate storage.

There are several parts of an instant pot that can be replaced to ensure longevity. They include the inner pot, sealing ring, steaming basket, fuse, and more.

Let us know how long you’ve had your instant pot. Have you had an issue? Happy cooking!

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