Can You Put Rice Cooker Pot on Stove?

The rice cooker inner pot is a non-stick removable component that holds the rice and water. Depending on the brand, the pots are made using ceramic, aluminum, and stainless steel material.

No, we wouldn’t recommend putting the rice cooker pot on the stove. The majority of the inner pots are made of thin material that can easily burn the food when cooking. Moreover, pots with Teflon coating release toxins on high heat.

The rice cooker pot is designed to function in a controlled temperature environment of the rice cooker. Using it on the stove exposes you to dangerous occurrences.

Inner pots made from ceramic may crack when exposed to high heat. The pot may also get scratches, stains, or warp and render it unusable in the rice cooker.

Aside from the inner pot burning the food being prepared, the design of the pot is not safe to handle. The pot features a lip top without handles to secure it when cooking, stirring, or serving.

A slight misstep can cause serious burns. Preparing meals on the stove requires the use of cookware with safety handles that enhance safety.

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Can You Put a Rice Cooker Pot in A Microwave?

No, you shouldn’t put a rice cooker pot in a microwave. As mentioned earlier, most of these pots are made using thin metal which is not appropriate for the microwave.

If you intend to heat food using the pot, microwaves will not penetrate the metallic pot when compared to glass containers.

The waves might induce an electric current or cause sparks that can destroy the microwave. When using ceramic inner pots, the heat can cause damage when exposed for prolonged periods.

Only use glass, plastic, ceramic and specific metallic pots in the microwave that are specifically labeled to be microwave safe.

Can You Put Rice Cooker Pot in Fridge?

Although not recommended, yes you can put a rice cooker pot in the fridge but for a limited time, usually less than 24 hours, and cover it.

Using the inner pot is a convenient way to store leftover food. The food and pot will be okay especially if the temperatures are below 40°F.

Before storage, ensure that the pot is cool and doesn’t have any heat whatsoever. Once cooking is done, let the pot sit and stop steaming before placing it in the fridge.

Another important step is to cover the pot with a cover that completely seals it. We’d recommend a silicone cover.

The rice cooker pot should only be used for storage for a limited time. There are dangers to leaving the metallic pot in the fridge for long. They include:

  • It might change the taste of food
  • The food tends to go bad faster
  • Metals can leach into the food when exposed to acidic components.
  • The pot may start rusting if the non-stick coating is scratched and exposed to moisture.

Can You Put Rice Cooker Pot in The Dishwasher?

Yes, you can put some rice cooker pots in the dishwasher. Most dishwasher-safe pots are indicated by the manufacturer. Read through the product manual.

However, before placing the pot in the dishwasher, ensure that no food particles are stuck. You can soak the pot in water to remove any particles.

Since a majority of the rice cooker inner pots have a non-stick Teflon coating, this is a rare occurrence. Also, ensure that you position the pot in the right dishwasher rack.

Keep the pot away from cutlery and sharp objects that may damage the pot. After the wash, examine the condition of the pot to identify any effects of dishwashing.

If you notice any damage such as peeling, we’d recommend reducing the frequency of wash using a dishwasher. Alternating between dishwashing and hand washing will prolong the life of the pot.

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You can put a rice cooker pot on the stove but you risk having burnt food. The inner pots are made of thin metallic material that gets heated faster.

There are other risks associated with cooking with the rice cooker pot. They include damaging the pot, burning due to heat, and handling the pot without handles.

A rice cooker pot should also not be used in a microwave at it may wrap or cause sparks that may damage the appliance. It’s recommended to use glass containers to warm food in the microwave.

You can store food in a fridge using a rice cooker pot for a limited time when tightly covered. Ensure that the pot is not steaming or producing any heat.


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