Types of Coffee Grinders

Coffee grinders are kitchen appliances that can make or break the quality of your coffee.

They come in many different models, from small hand grinders to large electric ones.

What kind of coffee grinder you need depends on what type of coffee you drink and how much time you want to spend making it.

To help you decide what kind is best for you, we’ll discuss three types: blade, burr, electric and manual grinders.

Image showing the difference between blade and burr coffee grinders
Blade vs Burr Grinder: Source Little Coffee Place

5 Types of Coffee Grinders You Should Know About

1. Blade Grinders

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A blade grinder is the most inexpensive type available but produces a lower quality cup of coffee than other types.

They don’t produce a consistent size. Their blades constantly chew up beans which heats them up during grinding.

This causes deterioration in flavor and freshness. This is unacceptable if you want fresh, flavorful coffee beans.

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2. Burr Grinders

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The best type of grinder is a burr grinder.

They are more expensive than blade grinders but offer much better quality and versatility in the types of coffee they can produce.

Burr grinders use two plates that crush the beans between them instead of blade grinders that slice the beans.

This method crushes the bean down to a much smaller size and produces an especially fine coffee that is perfect for espresso, or any other type of brewing.

Burr grinders can be manual or electric but both will produce an even particle size and offer you more control over your brewing process than blade grinders do.

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3. Manual Grinders

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A manual grinder can be useful if you don’t want to spend money on electricity but still need a high-quality, versatile coffee grinder.

They are usually small and produce a good cup of coffee if you have the time to make it.

Manual grinders are not as consistent as burr grinders or blade grinders because grinding is done by hand.

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4. Electric Grinders

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Electric grinders can be burr or blade type.

They are faster than manual ones so if speed is a concern for you, this may be the type of coffee grinder that best suits your needs.

Check out manual grinders here.

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