What Is a Black Garlic Fermenter?

A black garlic fermenter is a machine that aids in the fermentation of black garlic. These machines are used by people who make their fermented products from scratch.

They can also be found in restaurants and stores that sell fermented foods.

Black garlic fermenters vary in size. Some are very small so they can fit on top of counters or inside refrigerators.

Others are larger and have wheels to facilitate transportation between different rooms for storing food items or preparing ingredients.

A black garlic fermenter

What Is the Use of a Garlic Fermenter?

A black garlic fermenter is a device that is designed to ferment, store, and preserve fermented garlic. The main benefit of using a fermenter over traditional methods is the ease of use, safety, and extended storage time before spoilage.

With only about 20% of its original vitamin C content, the garlic will last up to six months.

Raw or fresh garlic loses much of its nutritional value when it’s processed into powders, soaps, or oils. Black garlic fermenter preserves the garlic’s nutritional value.

The appliances are made using a variety of materials. You can find ceramic, stainless steel, or plastic fermenters with an opening at one end.

This is where the garlic cloves are inserted.

Fermenting garlic is often done by isolating the garlic cloves, at a given temperature and period to eliminate the entry of oxygen.

This causes anaerobic fermentation which will produce lactic acid and hydrogen sulfide gas. The gases produce a strong smell.

These gases also make the garlic soft and edible after about 2-3 weeks.

Fermenting garlic produces allicin which makes it easier to digest and increases the health properties of this tasty treat.

This video the parts of a black garlic fermenter and how to safely use the kitchen appliance.

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Black garlic fermenters are a quick and easy way to make black garlic. Black garlic has numerous health benefits.

You can use this flavorful spice in dressings, garnish or cook with it.

Here are my recommended black garlic fermenters!


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