Why Is My Coffee Grinder Not Working?

The coffee grinder is one of the most important tools in a home or commercial kitchen.

If it’s not working, you are going to have problems and might have to go out for your morning cup.

Unfortunately, there are many reasons why this appliance may stop functioning properly.

Oxo burr Coffee grinder

5 Main Reasons Why Your Coffee Grinder is Not Working

1. Broken Blade

It’s possible that the blade has broken and is no longer spinning.

You can usually tell this because of a lot of debris left behind. If you hear a weird noise when you turn on the machine.

Take out the old blade, put it back in only one way so that it fits. Then turn it on again.

If that doesn’t work, you can also use a butter knife to try to get the blade going. (although this is not recommended).

2. Motor

The motor may be broken or burnt out which will stop your coffee grinder from working properly.

To fix this problem, remove all of the parts and clean them, then replace them.

3. Power Cord

The power cord may have been overheated or burned out which will stop your grinder from working properly.

To fix this problem, simply replace it with a new one with a similar gauge (we recommend 13-16 gauge).

4. Filter

The filter may have been overheated or burned out.

To fix this problem, simply replace the old one with a new one to see if that fixes it. If not, you can also try cleaning the old filter before replacing it.

5. Motor is Dirty or Stuck

The motor may be dirty and so it’s not spinning properly, which will cause your grinder to stop working.

To fix this problem, take out the old blade as well to make sure that it is rotating correctly.

Then use a butter knife (or something similar) to help get it going again by using the blade as a lever.

Additional causes may include;

The blades may have been dulled by many years of use. Sharpen them and you should be good to go.

Your grinder might just need a good cleaning inside the container, which is easy enough with some warm water and dish soap.

Let it dry completely before putting it back on your countertop or in an appliance cabinet.

If you’ve recently purchased a new grinder, make sure the motor is plugged in.

Also, check that there are no adjustments or switches on the side of it that need to be set correctly before inserting beans into the container.

It may just be a power issue. Check to see if you can plug another appliance into the same outlet and see if it starts working.

Check for any cracks in the container or motor housing. These may have zapped power to your grinder when you plugged it in.

If there is no problem with getting power to the appliance, then a possible issue could be an improperly timed release of beans from the container to the grinder.

This could be a simple fix. Just put in fewer beans to make sure they don’t clump up and release too quickly into the blades.

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