Best Stovetop Pressure Cooker Reviews

There’s a lot of debate on electric versus stovetop pressure cookers and which is better.

I’d choose to have both because they each have their advantages.

Having used a stovetop longer, I’d say it has a higher cooking pressure and thus reduces my time significantly.

The only downside is that I need to be around to oversee the cooking and shut it down.

In this article, I’ll discuss the top 7 stovetop pressure cookers you should consider buying if you’re considering it.

I’ve recommended what I use. What I look at is the material making the product as it affects its durability, size, cost, and safety features.

Review of The Best Stovetop Pressure Cookers

1. Mirro 92122A Polished Aluminum Pressure Cooker

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The 92122A stovetop pressure cooker from Mirro comes in 16 and 22-quart sizes. The construction is sturdy using quality material.

The pressure canner is made from heavy gauge aluminum that is rustproof. This makes it easy to use and maintain for a long period.

The aluminum material ensures even heat distribution and is polished to give it a stylish look.

The Mirro pressure cooker features a reusable overpressure plug for regulating the pressure when cooking.

There’s also a sure locking lid system to ensure the contents are secured when cooking. The lid also locks in the moisture and flavor of food for a delicious outcome.

A side gasket release is also in place as an avenue for air release. This stovetop pressure cooker is designed to offer 3 cooking pressure options of 15, 10, and 5 PSI.

Moreover, it’s able to steadily maintain the pressure set.

The ergonomic handle on the cooker makes it easier to handle cooking operations.

Together with the pressure safety system, you can comfortably prepare meals without worrying about your safety.

The Mirro 92122A pressure cooker comes with a rack for food placement depending on need.

There’s also a user guide with recipes for guidance in case you’re not sure of how to operate or what to cook with this amazing kitchen equipment.

2. Presto 01370 Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

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The Presto stainless-steel pressure cooker features an exquisite design with a special tri-clad base.

It ensures that your meals are prepared faster and there’s uniform heat distribution when doing so.

You’re able to prepare a variety of dishes without much stress with the assurance of a tasty and tender outcome.

The Presto pressure cooker can automatically maintain the set pressure with the help of the pressure regulator.

When cooking is done, the steam release valve provides a quick cool option to enhance safety.

In addition, there’s a cover lock indicator that enables the detection of pressure in the pressure cooker.

If the pressure is still there, the indicator prevents the opening of the cooker until acceptable pressure levels are reached.

Opening the cover is easy with no buttons to push. This pressure cooker works on several top ranges including induction, regular and smooth top.

For cleaning, the kitchenware is dishwasher safe. It’s recommended to use non-abrasive cleaners and a metal polish once in a while to maintain the stainless-steel shine.

It comes with a cooking rack and a 64-page guidebook.

3. WMF Perfect Plus 3-Quart Pressure Cooker

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The WMF Perfect Plus pressure cookers come in four different sizes- 3, 4.5,6.5, and 8.5 quarts. They are made in Germany.

The 3-quart range has dimensions of 16.4 by 10.6 by 6.4 inches. This gives a capacity of about 3 liters for cooking.

These pressure cookers from WMF are made of 18/10 stainless steel material. Stainless steel is durable and easy to maintain.

The best part, the pressure cookers are dishwasher safe.

This material also aids in heat retention. There’s a TransTherm base that facilitates heat retention and efficient cooking.

This feature makes the WMF pressure cookers suitable for all stovetop types, including induction.

Using this kitchen appliance reduces your cooking time by seventy percent. Moreover, it also helps by cutting energy consumption by half.

You not only save time but also money.

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A cooking indicator is in place to help in monitoring the processes of the pressure cooker. These indicators are colored rings that show the level of pressure cooking.

This indicator only allows the opening of the lid when it’s completely down. Another safety feature is the safety valve that releases excess pressure.

A lid gasket is also incorporated and is designed to break in case of too much pressure. This technology is housed in the handle.

The pressure cooker handle is stay-cool and ergonomic. Moreover, it detaches for quick and easy cleaning.  

The stovetop pressure cooker weighs 6.56 pounds. This size is solid for individuals and small-family homes.  

The manufacturer offers a warranty against defects for 3 years. You’ll also get a recipe book to kickstart your cooking.

4. IMUSA USA A417-80801W Stovetop Pressure Cooker

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The IMUSA pressure cooker is an affordable kitchen appliance made from Aluminum material.

It has a capacity of 8.5 liters, a weight of 3.35 lbs, and dimensions of 8 by 11 by 11.25 inches.

This pressure cooker is reliable. You can easily control the cooking manually using touch.

There’s a regulator that aids in controlling the pressure by releasing steam.

The IMUSA stovetop pressure cooker also has safety features such as the safety locking lid.

The lid facilitates the build-up of pressure that allows you to cut down cooking time while retaining minerals in the food.

There are two handles- the main and side handles that facilitate the transportation of the appliance before and after cooking. The handles are also cool-touch.

This stovetop pressure cooker is easy to use and clean. Unfortunately, this pressure cooker is NOT dishwasher safe.

You’re able to prepare a variety of meals such as vegetables, meat, cereals, and soup.

5. T-fal P25107 Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

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T-fal is a stainless-steel stovetop pressure cooker that is silver with a capacity of 6.3 quarts. It has dimensions of 18.1 by 11.5 by 10.5 inches and a weight of 8 pounds.

The mode of operation is manual but it has security features that ensure you’re cooking safely while maximizing nutrition.

There are three styles of pressure cooker- 6, 6.3, and 22 quarts. The bigger the size the more it accommodates and the higher the cost.

The T-fal pressure cookers feature a sturdy construction for ideal cooking and steady long-lasting performance.

You’ll get two pressure settings with this product- there are 10 and 15 PSI to accommodate your needs.

A secure locking mechanism is in place to maintain the pressure cooking conditions. It also minimizes the risk when closing and opening the lid.

The pressure indicator, overpressure gasket release window, and a variable steam release valve work together to operate the pressure cooker and enhance safety.

A T-fal P25107 pressure cooker is suitable for all sources of heat. You’re therefore also able to use it on induction cookers.

A stand and steam basket are provided together with the pressure cooker for multilevel cooking options. You can easily cook both meat and veggies at the same time.

Cleaning is also stress-free. The appliance is dishwasher safe.

You’re only required to remove the lid for manual cleaning and place the base in the dishwasher.

6. Viking Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

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The Vikings stovetop pressure cooker is my favorite on the list.

It’s a stylish cooker with a clamp-style lid design. The design is not only for aesthetics. This innovative design allows you to lock it in any position.

Moreover, you can open or close the lid by turning a knob.

This pressure cooker is made using 18-8 steel, with dimensions of 14.3 by 10.3 by 9.4 inches and a weight of 7.4 pounds.

This 8-quart stovetop pressure cooker is energy-saving by reducing cooking time and power used.

It features a 3-ply base that facilitates the even distribution of heat.  

The Vikings pressure cooker has interior markings that come in handy when tracking liquid quantities.

There are also indicators for the maximum filling points to ensure the appliance will run optimally.

You have 3 pressure settings to choose from 1 to 8 PSI, 8 to 15 PSI, and the release.

A pressure indicator helps you to identify when the appliance has reached its maximum pressure.

For quick pressure release, a quick-release valve is in place. The pressure release dial also allows the adjusting of pressure.

You can cook at a higher or lower pressure and speed depending on the meal you’re cooking.

A steam basket and raiser are provided to allow the cooking of two meals at once.

It also makes it easier to prepare vegetables away from the intense heat at the bottom of the pressure cooker.

The product works on all types of stoves, including induction types.

When cleaning, the Vikings pressure cooker is dishwasher safe.

7. Zavor EZLock 6 Quart Stove-top Pressure Cooker

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The Zavor pressure cooker comes in 5 different sizes. You have the option of 6, 7.4-, 8-, 10- and 12.7-quart pressure cookers.

All of the products are made from 18/10 stainless steel material and operate in automatic mode. Unfortunately, they are NOT dishwasher safe.

The Zavor 6-quart stovetop pressure cooker measures 14.3 by 11.9 by 9.5 inches and weighs 9.88 pounds.

It features a universal locking mechanism that is easy and safe. It allows the lid to lock with the turning of a knob.

Moreover, the lid will clamp on the pot from any position and is secure even when the pressure starts building up.

The pressure cooker cooks 3x faster thanks to the pressure settings. You can use a high-pressure setting of 15PSI or a low setting of 8PSI.

This range gives you the flexibility to prepare several meals no matter how delicate.

There’s a pressure regulator knob that you can use to switch between low pressure, release, clean and high pressure.

 Like most of the products reviewed, it’s compatible with all types of domestic stoves. You can use it on electric, gas, induction, and ceramic stoves.

The product comes with a quick guide, recipe book, user manual, and a steamer basket made of stainless steel.

The best part, is you’re offered a 10-year warranty.

A great indication of the trust that the manufacturers have in their top-of-the-line pressure cookers.


The list of the best stovetop pressure cookers is based on my experience and research. I’d recommend the Viking Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker as I’ve used it for 4 years now.

If you have any other product you’d recommend, please feel free to share. Also, check out How Long to Wait Before Opening a Pressure Cooker?


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