What To Do When Your Instant Pot Is Dented?

An instant pot plays a crucial role in a kitchen as it enables you to prepare a variety of meals fast. When this lifesaver is damaged, panic can easily set in.

When your instant pot is dented due to falling or hitting a hard surface, you can use it. There are ways to repair exterior damage.

However, it’s important to examine the extent of damage and ensure the pot is working properly. If the instant pot dents when cooking, it’s advisable to halt the cooking process.

Let the pressure cooker sit and manually depressurize. When an instant pot dents the interior when cooking, avoid using it and consider replacing it.

An exterior dent might be okay but it’s advisable to consult the Instant Pot team or a technician.

You need to ensure that the internal components and wiring are not damaged.

An instant pot is complex and any damage to the components will interfere with the system.

Examine all sections of the pot starting with the dented section, the lid, float valve, steam release valve, control panel, and the base.

If these sections are okay, conduct a water test to confirm that the instant pot is working properly.  

A dent is usually a cosmetic issue. This means that the outer covering of an instant pot is not involved with the cooking processes.

When you order an instant pot online and a dented product is sent to you, it’s advisable to return it. You paid to have a new fully functional appliance and any defects are unacceptable.

Dented instant pot

Can I Use a Dented Pressure Cooker?

Yes, you can use a dented pressure cooker. The outside covering of the appliance is designed to enhance its appearance. It’s not involved in the working mechanism of the instant pot.

A dent is not appealing and creates the impression that there’s something wrong. However, you can comfortably use the appliance for years if the aesthetics do not bother you.

In case you need to fix the dent, next we’ll discuss how to restore your instant pot.

How Do I Fix a Dent on My Instant Pot?

There are several options to fix a dent in your instant pot. The method you use depends on the extent of damage and the instant pot model.

The three main methods to fix a dent on an instant pot are using a suction cup, a dent repair kit, or manually using your hands.

1. Suction cup

A suction cup is an object shaped like a cup that is used to draw a thing to the surface by creating a partial vacuum on non-porous surfaces through suction.

Suction cups are flexible and can be made from plastic, rubber, or glass. How does a suction cup work to remove a dent from the instant pot?

The process is quite easy. Place and press the suction cup on the dented section of the pot. Ideally, it should fall on a flat surface and the concave area should cover the dent.

Firmly press the suction cup in place. Ensure no air bubbles are present between the instant pot surface and the cup.

Once the cup is firmly attached, pull it out or lift it to bring the dented section to the surface.

2. Dent Repair Kit

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A dent repair kit features a lifter, glue gun, glue sticks, bridge dent puller, and slider hammer. It works by attaching the puller tab to the surface of the instant pot.

Choose the appropriate puller tab depending on the size of the dent. Use the glue gun to link the puller to the surface.

You’ll need a power source to connect the glue gun. It should preheat for about 5 minutes. Apply glue to the puller tab and secure it. Wait a few minutes for the glue to cool.

The puller is attached at the center of the dent. Next, use the bridge dent puller. Pull the sliding rod of it backwards to draw out the dent.

Finally, remove the glue using some alcohol and a plastic spatula.

3. Use Your Hands

Another simpler way is to straighten the instant pot using your hands. You’ll need to access the outside covering to do this.

You’ll need a screwdriver to unscrew the base of the instant pot. If you’re not sure which size you’ll need, I’d recommend this screwdriver bit set.

Here’s a video demonstrating how best to fix a dent on an instant pot using your hands.

When Should I Replace My Instant Pot?

Your instant pot is bound to wear out and need replacement. It’s simple to fix small damages and replace smaller parts such as the sealing ring. How do you know when to replace your instant pot?

You should replace your instant pot if it stops working completely or is inefficient in terms of cooking time. Another reason to replace your instant pot is when the cost of replacing specific parts exceeds the cost of buying a new one.

It might take years before you’re required to replace your appliance. How long an instant pot lasts depends on the use and maintenance practices.

Does Instant Pot Have a Lifetime Warranty?

No, Instant Pot does not have a lifetime warranty. The company offers a limited warranty valid for a year from the date of purchase.

This warranty only applies to the original purchaser. When returning an appliance, you’ll need to produce proof of original purchase.

Any attempt to modify the appliance voids the limited warranty. Alterations and modifications are discouraged if you intend to take advantage of this warranty.


An Instant Pot dent affects its aesthetic and not its functionality.

A dented appliance can function normally without fixing. This is only if the dent is from abrasion and not cooking.

Before using a dented instant pot, examine all parts of the cooker for damage. You can fix an instant pot dent using a dent repair kit, a suction, or your hands.

The method employed depends on the extent of the damage.


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  1. Thank you for making this video. We ordered an instant pot on eBay. It was very dented. We will try your method to remove the big dent.
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