Is A Portable Ice Maker Worth It?

In a quest to discover handy kitchen appliances, we came across ice-making machines. Portable ice makers specifically come in handy as they give flexibility.

A portable ice maker is a worthy purchase for users who require a lot of ice. Making ice from a refrigerator can be limiting when needed in large volumes. Moreover, you might be limited with space if your refrigerator is small.

The kitchen appliances are easier to use since they don’t require many connections to work. You can also choose the capacity to fit your consumption and space.

What Is a Portable Ice Maker?

Before we dive deeper into portable ice makers, let’s expound on what these kitchen appliances are. This way you’ll be able to determine if you need one.

A portable ice maker is an appliance with the ability to make ice from water and churn it out in large quantities and on the regular. The machine requires water added to the reservoir and a power supply and you’re set.

It’s important to note that the ice maker only produces and does not keep the ice cold or frozen.

If the ice is left in the machine for long, it melts and the water flows back to the reservoir.

Using a portable ice maker is a simple and efficient way to make ice.

Only add water and the machine does the rest. There are no spills or mess when making or dispensing.

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What’s The Size of a Countertop Ice Machine?

Portable ice machines are much smaller than commercial types. This is one of the advantages of having them in your kitchen. They require minimal space and can fit on the countertop, small kitchen, or RV.

The size of countertop ice machines is between 9 and 15 inches in length, width, and height. Dimensions do vary with a brand. In terms of capacity, a majority of portable ice makers produce 26 or 26.5 pounds of ice per day.

You can also find units that produce 48 pounds of ice a day. These are heavy-duty appliances for users who require a larger capacity.

Before purchasing this appliance, it’s important to determine the amount of space you have available. You also need to give the machine room to ensure it works effectively.

When you determine the space available, look through the product dimensions. This information is readily available on most sites. Remember to differentiate between product and package dimensions.

To get an idea of the exact sizing, this Frigidaire Ice maker measures 15 by 11 by 14.5 inches.

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Advantages of a Portable Ice Maker

· Inexpensive

You can find a quality countertop ice maker machine for less than $200. This is quite affordable as the appliance saves you time and is convenient to use.

· Portable

The ice-making machines being portable can be used in a variety of spaces. You can use the ice maker indoors and easily move it outside or in an RV without much stress.

Portable ice-making machines do not require a drainage or water line. All you need is a power source and you can use it.

· Makes Ice Fast

Making ice using a portable ice maker makes takes 7 to 15 minutes depending on the capacity. This is much faster compared to refrigerating using an ice tray.

The speedy nature of the machine also allows you to make more ice in a day meeting your demand without much hassle.

· Convenient to use

There’s no difficulty with using a portable ice maker. Position the machine close to a power source, add water to it, switch the appliance on and wait for the ice to discharge.

The process is straightforward. And even if you don’t use all the ice made, the machine has a system to allow water to flow back to the reservoir.

· Easy to Maintain

The steps to maintaining an ice maker to ensure longevity are simple. You need to clean, dry, and store.

Countertop ice-making machines are designed with features that make the cleaning process easy.

One such feature is the drain plug that facilitates the removal of water from the reservoir. The appliance also has removable sections such as the storage basket and bin.

· Variety of Ice Shapes and Sizes

An ice maker not only allows you to make ice but also makes ice cubes of different shapes.

There are six types of ice cube shapes you can get from the machine. They include nugget, bullet, crescent, full cube, and gourmet.

The sizes you can make also vary. You can get small, large, and medium-sized ice cubes. The shape and size you make largely depend on the type of machine you get.

It’s important to note which ice type and size a unit produces before making a purchase.  

· Available

These kitchen appliances are available all over the world. You can get a portable ice maker in most online and in-store shops.

Moreover, there are several brands to choose from. This allows you to compare prices, designs, and features.

Disadvantages of a Portable Ice Maker

  • You’ll need to add water to the reservoir. For the process to begin, you’ll need to add water to the machine. If you require a lot of ice, you might need to make several trips of adding water.
  • The ice maker does not keep the ice frozen. You may require additional storage options.
  • They may consume power with continuous use. If the demand for ice is high, the power consumption is higher, especially for heavy-duty models.
  • Some models are noisy. They produce a humming sound.
  • Cleaning can be cumbersome. Compared to cleaning an ice tray, cleaning an ice machine takes time.


An ice maker is a handy appliance that allows you to have ice readily available for use. It makes and allows you to dispense ice cubes in minutes.

A portable ice maker is a type of ice-making machine that you can carry around and use without many limitations. It is suitable for the countertop, RV, or users with limited spaces.

Since it does not require a water or drainage line, it makes it great for both indoor and outdoor. It only requires water to be added and plugged into a source of power.

There are several advantages of portable ice maker machines. They are affordable and easy to maintain, they produce ice of different shapes and sizes and are readily available.  


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