Are Food Steamers Worth it?

You might be wondering why you should invest in food steamers, especially since they can seem like quite an expensive purchase.

Food steamers are worth it. The main reason is that the process of cooking food with steam retains its natural flavors and textures.

This cannot be said for other methods such as boiling or frying. This means foods will have more flavor without being overcooked.

It can also be used to cook healthier meals that will not contain preservatives, chemicals, and unhealthy sugars.

Fruits, vegetables, and meats are all good examples of foods that benefit from being steamed as they retain their flavors better than in other cooking methods.

Another thing to consider is the amount of time saved when using a food steamer.

This is because you don’t have to wait for the water to come back up to a boiling point, which can take a long time.

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You also save energy as there’s less steam loss and it will cook your food more quickly than other methods such as frying or roasting.

What is a Food Steamer?

A food steamer is a kitchen appliance that cooks food by using steam. Using a food steamer is an easy way to cook healthy meals for your family.

The steam that cooks the food is created in the base of the unit, and it heats up to produce water vapor.

This vapor then rises and condenses on the top lid where it is released onto the food below.

The vapor sprays over the dish, which has been placed in a pot or colander in the base.

This contact with boiling water makes some foods more flavorful than others.

The steam created from this process will cook your favorite dishes to perfection while retaining all of their natural flavors.

The food cooks evenly without drying out any of the ingredients.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the different types of food steamers available to purchase.

There are two main styles: a large pot with holes in the base for you to place your dish inside or;

an insert that sits on top of your cooking pot and allows you to cook several dishes at once.

The first type is usually more expensive as it allows you to cook more dishes at once. The second type is a lot cheaper and will work well if you just want one or two servings.

Another thing to think about when choosing your food steamer is how much space it takes up on your kitchen countertop.

If this worries you then an insert-style steamer might be the right choice.

How Hot Does a Food Steamer Get?

The temperature of the steam varies depending on what type of steamer you are using, but usually ranges from 170°F – 212°F (76°C-100°C).

Food steamers are a great way to cook healthy food, like vegetables. They can be used for many different types of foods.

To use the steamer, you’ll need water in addition to the food that needs cooking (veggies or meat).

Where Do You Put the Water in A Steamer?

The first thing that needs to happen before adding any ingredients or turning on your food steamer adding water.

Ever wondered where to put the water when you are steaming food?

You fill the base of the steamer with cold water up to the maximum level.

This creates steam which cooks all foods placed inside the steamer compartment at very high temperatures without drying them out.

The food goes on a rack, which is usually at the bottom over the steamer. Depending on the type of steamer, you can have more than one rack.

How much you cook will depend on how many batches you can make with one pan or pot.

Ensure that you place the food that needs more cooking time at the bottom while the food that requires the least time at the top.

It’s important to check on the water level as the food steamer works. You can easily top up the water using the pull-out filler spout.

The video below demonstrates how to use a food steamer.

How Much Does a Food Steamer Cost?

If you are thinking about buying a food steamer, it’s prudent to know its cost to know if it will be worth the investment.

Food steamers range in price from $50-$300. They are portable and can be used to cook many types of foods, so they’re worth the investment if you use them regularly.

If you’re looking for a food steamer, I’d recommend the Hamilton Beach Digital Food Steamer.

You can read a full review here.

The Pros of Owning a Food Steamer

Three main benefits come with owning a food steamer.

The first is the health benefits of cooking your vegetables or meats in water and steam, rather than oil or butter.

This will cut down on calories as well as cholesterol levels.

The second benefit to having a food steamer is preparing food quickly without any fuss.

Simply put all of your ingredients into the steamer, set the timer, and wait for it to be ready.

Third, food steamers are relatively cheap to buy and run when compared to other kitchen appliances.

The Cons of Owning a Food Steamer

The only real downside to having a food steamer is that it may take longer to cook compared to other cooking methods such as ovens or air fryers.

We have a detailed comparison between an air fryer and a food steamer.

However, if you use your steamers regularly then this will easily pay off in the long run.


Food steamers are a great way to cook healthy, flavorful meals. They are worth investing in especially if you plan on making frequent use of them.

They use steam from heated water to cook meals. You’ll get to enjoy tasty and healthy meals with your family within a short period.

These kitchen appliances are easy to use. All you need is to add water and food and you’re set.

The price of food steamers ranges between $50 and $200.

The cost depends on the size and features of the product. Establish your needs to enable you to determine the right food steamer for you.

Be sure to get one today and share your experience. We want to hear about it!


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