Coffee Grinder Settings: What Setting Should a Coffee Grinder Be On?

A coffee grinder is one of the most important parts of making a great cup of coffee.

It’s an essential kitchen appliance for any serious coffee drinker, and there are many different types to choose from.

The type you use will depend on your needs- if you want something simple and affordable, or something with more features like grind size adjustment.

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In this blog post, we’ll go over some common questions about coffee grinders:

What the numbers mean,

How to measure the correct amount of beans, and

What setting should be used to get that perfect consistency in your ground coffee?

What Are the Numbers on A Coffee Grinder?

The numbers on a coffee grinder typically range from fine to coarse and can be anywhere between 0 and 20.

A number denotes how fine or coarse of a ground your beans will be. A higher number means a finer grind, and will result in a stronger coffee flavor.

Conversely, a lower number means a coarser grind which will give you a weaker cup of coffee.

Most grinders have at least 20 different settings, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Here’s a grind size chart for reference.

The size or fineness of the grind can affect your brewing time and cup quality.

A finer grind will allow water to seep through more quickly, while a coarser grind will result in slower extraction rates that can lead to over-extraction.

A coffee grinder’s number express size, but not the grind uniformity or consistency. The lower a coffee grinder’s numbers are, the finer your grounds will be – and vice versa.

For high numbers because you can easily determine that 100 is coarser than 80 just by looking at them.

A common misconception is that these numbers refer to how much space between particles there is in each ground.

In reality, they are referring to how big the particles themselves are, not their spacing.

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If you’re not sure which setting to use, start with the middle number and adjust accordingly until you find the strength you like best.

Some grinders also have a “coarse” or “fine” setting for an even more customized cup of coffee.

You need to experiment to find the right fit for you.

Remember that the coffee beans you have also affect the taste of the final product. Try a few different types of beans until you find one that you like.

Do Coffee Grinders Have Different Settings?

Yes, most coffee grinders have multiple settings that range from fine to coarse.

This gives you more control over the final product and allows you to customize your cup of coffee exactly how you like it.

Coffee grinder settings: Coffee in a coffee grinder
Source: Caffe Society

How Do You Measure Coffee Grind Size?

To measure the correct amount of beans for your grinder, you’ll need to use a coffee scoop. Place the scoop into your grinder and fill it up with beans, then level them off by shaking the scoop back and forth.

Don’t press down on the beans or they’ll get packed too tightly and you’ll end up with an uneven grind.

Once you’ve filled your grinder, gently spin the beans around a few times to get them all ground up.

To figure out how to properly adjust your grinder, fill a measuring spoon with beans and pour them into the hopper.

Be careful not to pack the ground too tightly- otherwise, they won’t come off in an even stream when grinding! Then gently spin/turn the beans a few times.

How To Adjust Your Coffee Grinder

Most grinders have a small knob on the side that you can turn to change the grind size. How to adjust the coffee grinder depends on the type you have.

The best way to identify how to adjust the specific product you have is to look over the user guide/manual.

If you no longer have the manual or if it’s lost, consult the manufacturer’s website.

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What Setting Should I Put My Coffee Grinder On?

The best setting to put your coffee grinder on is the number that corresponds with the type of bean you’re using and the desired consistency of your grounds.

As a general rule, start with the middle number and adjust accordingly until you find the strength you like best. Remember that each type of bean will taste different, so it might take some experimentation before you can nail it down.

How Long Should I Grind My Coffee Beans?

The general rule is to grind your beans for about as long as the type of coffee you’re making. The average is between 5 to 30 seconds depending on the grind size.

Grounds that are used in a French press should be ground coarsely and will need between three to five seconds.

You can roughly measure this by counting one Mississippi per second while grinding with a good-quality burr grinder.

Turkish coffee, on the other hand, should be ground much more finely- about as fine as sugar. This will take about ten seconds to achieve with a quality burr grinder.

Espresso is made up of very finely ground coffee beans and should be ground for twenty to thirty seconds.

When grinding coffee beans manually, it will take about 30 seconds to a minute.

Manual grinding is longer but is a good option for those who want to be able to adjust the grind size and make sure that you’re getting a quality product.

As previously stated, it’s important to experiment with the timing and coffee grind sizes. This way, you’ll be able to establish the options and your preferences.


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