Are Air Fryers Loud?

Air fryers are a healthier alternative to deep-frying. They can be used for baking, roasting, and other cooking methods as well.

The majority of air fryers use a very quiet fan to circulate hot air to cook food with less oil than traditional frying methods.

However, there can be some noise caused by the movement of the food inside. The noise from air fryers is between 60 to 70 decibels.

What Makes an Air Fryer Loud?

You may have noticed that some air fryers are louder than others. This is because the design of an air fryer changes how loud it will be when in use.

Noise from the air fryer comes from the fan that works to distribute the heat inside the appliance.

Generally, air fryers with a higher wattage tend to be noisier, while those that are lower wattage tend to be quieter.

The size of the appliance also plays a role in how noisy your air fryer will be – larger appliances typically generate more noise than smaller ones.

In case your air fryer is producing more noise than usual, there might be a problem.

Loud noises coming from an air fryer can be a major cause of concern.

If you’re hearing a loud noise coming from your air fryer, there are many reasons why it could be happening.

It’s important to investigate what might be causing this issue so that it can be fixed.

We will explore these causes below so that you know how to troubleshoot and figure out the problem on your own.

Motor or Fan

Loud noises coming from the motor or fan inside of an air fryer may mean that something is stuck. This can be a piece of food, crumbs, etc.

These items should be removed so that they do not build up and cause further damage to your unit.

Interference from Other Appliances

Interference with another appliance because of too much electricity running through an outlet strip.

Some kitchen appliances like microwaves take quite a lot of energy to run, so they can cause the air fryer to short circuit.

Make sure that your outlet strip is plugged into the right outlets and works properly.

Also, avoid having high-powered appliances using the same outlet as your air fryer.

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If there is any food stuck in the ventilation system, it can cause loud noises.

When the heat from cooking gets to it, it causes it to expand.

You should make sure that there is proper airflow in your air fryer by cleaning the ventilation area.


Loud noises could be caused by overheating in an air fryer.

If this happens, you should turn off the appliance immediately so that it does not get damaged further or cause a fire hazard.


The next possible cause of loud noises could be that your air fryer needs to have its filter replaced.

If you are getting strong smells or smoke coming from the fan, then this may mean that the filter should be changed.

Uneven Placement

If your unit is vibrating a lot during cooking, then it may need to place it on a level surface.

This will help prevent damage and loud noises while cooking food inside an air fryer.

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The final possibility for loud noise could include an issue with the cord.

If the cord is frayed or broken, it can cause a lot of noise and produce sparks as well.  

Make sure that your unit’s power cord functions properly so that you do not have to deal with any other potential problems from using an air fryer.

Other Common Air Fryer Problems

Air fryers are designed to replace traditional deep frying, but they have their own set of problems.

As with any new kitchen appliance, there are a few things that people need to know before using them for the first time.

Here are common air fryer problems and how to handle them.

The Air Fryer Not Heating Up

There are several causes of an air fryer not heating up.

First, check if the coed is well plugged in. If this is okay, check if the lid is closed and the temperature is set.

You may also have put too much food in the appliance. The wire rack might be too high to allow for proper airflow around the food.

Try placing a sheet pan underneath the wire rack when cooking foods that are prone to splatterings, such as French fries or chicken wings.

Another issue might be the heating element. You can check if it’s working properly using an ammeter. If not, replace it.

Smoke And Dirt

There are black splotches or bits of debris coming out of the vent holes when cooking with an air fryer.

This means that there is too much oil left over from previous uses.

Air fryers are designed to be used with very little, or no oil at all.  Make sure that the bottom of the appliance is clean and dry before cooking.

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The air fryer has a greasy smell coming from it after being cleaned.

There might be some leftover food particles still inside the machine; use a clean dishcloth to wipe down the removable parts of the machine.

Undercooked Food

If the food is not cooked all of the way through, increase the cooking time and reduce the portions.

Foods that are prone to being undercooked should be flipped partway through cooking time for them to cook evenly throughout until they reach their ideal internal temperature.

To have a rough idea of air fryer cooking times, check out Taste of Home.

It’s important to know that not all foods work well in the air fryer.

For example, leafy vegetables, like kale or spinach leaves, might not cook well in the air fryer because they are too delicate.

Chicken and veggies in an air fryer basket

Foods with high oil content should be placed on the top rack for more even cooking throughout.

Here are some great foods that work well in an air fryer:

  • Chicken wings
  • French fries
  • Shrimp/scallops/clams (in the shell)
  • Potato chips and tortilla chips (unfried) can be made in the air fryer, but make sure they are placed on top of a tray or sheet pan to avoid the oil from spitting out of the air fryer.


In summary, air fryers are loud but not much more than other kitchen appliances. There are many possible reasons for loud noises in an air fryer.

The main source of noise is the fan. You may also experience loud noise when there’s interference with other appliances, overheating, and filter problems.

Make sure that you troubleshoot your air fryer to figure out what may be causing the noise issue if excessive, to prevent further problems.

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